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Alberto Bressan

Handmade shoes with
100% Made In Italy materials

This is a story of Passion, Dedication and Tenacity

Our story begins in 1980, when Alberto gets to know the world of footwear which he is fascinated by and decides to embark on an adventure. Pragmatic and passionate in his work, he lets himself be guided by his all-Italian taste . He took his first steps as a collaborator at a well-known company in Piacenza, where he learned the trade in the field. Curious and dreamer by nature, he continues his research to deepen this fascinating and complex reality.

At the beginning of 1990 Alberto opens his own business and decides to focus exclusively on the creation of
women's shoes produced entirely in Italy with quality leathers .

production of handmade women's shoes by Alberto BressanWoman in the laboratory for making Alberto Bressan shoes

Finally realizes the dream of creating a brand of handmade shoes that bears his name. His long research has led him to select artisan workshops over the years specialized in each individual product: he wants to get the best for his customers' feet from both the product and the manufacturing.

For each collection he spends hours and hours with the craftsmen to arrive at the finished and perfect handmade shoe , always adding his precious personal touch. It wants to speak to the careful, elegant woman who loves to be feminine at any time of the day with the right, quality handmade shoe.

Alberto knows the needs of the modern woman well: tireless, energetic and active.

It needs a fashionable but at the same time wearable product, and it is precisely on this point that it wishes to concentrate all its efforts: the attention to detail , the choice of the best leathers ; the attention to the fit and the heel interact with each other in a perfect mix that gives the Made In Italy handmade shoes an incomparable lightness.

The shoe is more than a simple accessory: it must dress and support the woman, accompanying her throughout the day.

"I would like to give women the pleasure of
admire each other and the ease of step."